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Bancroft And Morrice,

Who I am, What I am,

My passion is centered in worship of the Holy Trinity, the One true God, and more precisely the proclamation of the Good News! Through our words and deeds, we declare our beliefs; I believe in the unending love of God. I believe in and have experienced the transformative power of the Holy Spirit, and I am grateful to be a servant of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. I believe that by the grace of God thru faith in Jesus Christ, we are saved and will have life forever after with him.

I married my high school sweetheart Judy a little over 44 years ago. We built a log home just north of Gregory, where we raised three sons: Joshua, Andy and Alex. They are all married, and we have four grandsons and a granddaughter.

I am a lifelong United Methodist starting at South Lyon UMC and moving to Trinity UMC (Livingston Circuit).

In Course of Study, I was asked the question; “What drew you to, and/or keeps you in United Methodism?” I find that I don’t have one answer per se; first I would say the “logic” (or practical theology) of living a Christian life in today’s world, is the challenge that I was seeking personally, and vocationally, with the application of the quadrilateral Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience being the logical method. Also, there is a certain “familiarity” or comfort that comes with being a lifelong Methodist. Finally, I would say it’s the “people” the encouragement from the congregations and from my colleagues.
I find the history of the Methodist movement fascinating, and I hope to learn discover further foundational tools to apply to the challenges of living a Christian life, today.

My secular world background is in manufacturing engineering and production management in the electronics and printing industries. I am a fan of Michigan athletics (Go Blue!).

As to what else I believe … or who I am … well … I’m afraid it’s going to take you time and effort to peel back the layers to find out … just as it will take me time and effort to find out who you are … one more thing … I am excited to see just what our ministry together will look like.


Blessings …

Pastor Scott

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